Happy Birthday!

My Baby boy is 12 today... Happy Birthday to this beautiful, talented soul I get the pleasure of mothering. All I want is for you to be happy and do the things you love. You could never outgrow what's apart of you. You are the very thing that pushed me to be more. I will... Continue Reading →

The Parents are hiding

Yesterday I had another bad mom moment. I came home, changed clothes and went to the Man Cave with Brodrick. We stayed out there til the sun went down. Rabbit came out there and played for a little bit, and Micah came to ask questions then went back inside. We watched DJANGO and Clever. (movie... Continue Reading →

Yesterday I cried Today I smiled Everyday is new The troubles will not last Neither will the pleasure Because they are the past All we have is this... The moment Nothing can be undone and no future Can be known. So take the time... To live. To breathe. To Be.

Traders Village

Went to Traders Village for the first time today... Me and 2 of my older sisters and the kids went. I love family time, however... Boosted(overrated)...I had fun but it's not one of those places to go with a toddler. He was tired after an hour and started to whin. He was ready to go... Continue Reading →

Look, You Gonna Miss IT!

So I've planted the seeds. I go out every day expecting the seeds to magically be vegetables. I know how things work and I still make a point to be hopeful. Finally after a few weeks I got some spouts, excitement arises just like the day I planted the seeds. Now the sprouts are boring,... Continue Reading →

Best Lessons

The best lessons I've learned in my life... My first would have to be selfish in my self care. I used to feel bad anytime I would do something for myself. Even if everyone's needs are meant. As a mom and wife I feel like I should come last. They get what they need and... Continue Reading →

The Re-Wiring

Man did I learn a lot of things growing up. Things I was picking up as facts without even realizing it. Things you hear are not always fact. (that was hard for me to understand) I thought I was a loner, I thought I was weird, I thought I was so nice, I thought I... Continue Reading →

Love Day!

It's valentines Day. A day for love and that does not have to be for romantic love. Don't get caught up in all the couple stuff. Let's go beyond and show the people we love that we love them today. Our children, our parents, our friends and what about our neighbors. The ones who haven't... Continue Reading →

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey guys, it's been to long. I really should be writing everyday but I'm not in the space where things make sense. Anyway here I am. It's almost Valentines Day and the day Brodrick( my now husband) asked me to be his girlfriend. That's the only reason I care at all. It was then that... Continue Reading →

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