First off your friendship should not be based how much a person calls you or hangs out with you.  You shouldn't have to watch the things you say or how you act in front of them. Friends can not speak for years and hang out like they didn't miss a beat. A lot of times... Continue Reading →

Parenting From Me

Kenyia love the kids, especially my lil bitties. I just love watching them grow and understand. I have a different approach to parenting because of my child care experience and own personal experiences. Not saying that it's right because I know I am a little extra at times. I just love my children to life... Continue Reading →


You can tell by their walks The cocky in their voice The strength in their hands The bass in their voice The passion in their love The power in their words They are Kings!

Do you like what you see sir?

Brodrick is the husband of husbands, first off. (it's annoying cause I'm a hot mess wife) I have to be very intentional in making sure he keeps his eyes on the prize. I like fantasy so I'm big on role play and switching things up. (we are into fifty shades but we'll get to that... Continue Reading →

Forget him!

I remember like yesterday swapping suckers with you laughing to the bus stop and all the way home with you I remember trying to guard you only to end up turning it into a game of tackle basketball I remember hooking you up with girls and them spreading rumors about me because they thought I... Continue Reading →

Let your past make you…

So many people let their past be an excuse for failure. Your past is to teach you and help you be a better person. (I'm speaking to those with a troubled past and have dealt with a lot of pain growing up.) I am not saying that I don't get where you are coming from,... Continue Reading →

Staying the Course

My favorite subject is marriage because it's my greatest joy and accomplishment. I always wanted to be married and never expected it to be so much work. I just thought if I did what I thought was best it would work, it's not that simple. My husband is the perfect man for me and it's... Continue Reading →

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