Running From Me!

It's crazy that at the snap of a finger or a mention of a word I go from confident to completely insecure. I can be completely sure of myself and then run into somebody who decides not to like me and I shut down. I know that I am qualified to do things but I... Continue Reading →

About the Author

I am always looking on the bright side, sometimes it feels like there isn't one. I have anxiety issues that I am currently working through. I love to dance but I really can't dance as good as I do on the inside. I love people but most of the time I pretend not to, those... Continue Reading →

I can’t Commit

I can't commit to this blog. I'm not ready to offend people and for people to see themselves through my eyes. I honestly don't even want them to see that what they did had any affect on me. I've forgiven every wrong ever done to me and I've forgiven myself for all the things I... Continue Reading →

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