You know the feeling when you been running around all day and you finally get a chance to sit. The empty feeling in the pit of your stomach is saying you need to get back up you missed something. You are starving! I get this feeling all the time, I love to eat. I don't... Continue Reading →

My Piercing

On July 17th I left work with a Migraine. It was hard for me to concentrate on driving. I was nauseous and dizzy, hot and my eyes were glazing over. I had to pray so hard to make it to get my baby and go home. Once I got to him his sweet teacher seen... Continue Reading →

Super Happy

You ever just wake up Super Happy. Like then you got up on some real inspirational stuff. Today if you need a word of encouragement call me. Anybody from anywhere because life is good right here right now. I can do anything right now, start my book, start a yoga class, all of it. This... Continue Reading →

Not Everyone is For Your Children…

I was talking to a friend today and it really had me thinking. As a parent deciding who can and can not be around your children is important and can be heart breaking. I know once we have children we think about the impression others can have on them. How conversation can turn into curiosity.... Continue Reading →

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