So Basically…

So basically all of the black men accused of a crime is going down.( which makes perfect sense because) Hell yes they deserve it, (if they did it) but this ain't even about that. All of the men and women abusers should be held accountable. All of them, white and black, non-political and political. The... Continue Reading →

I’m not mean…

People really don't get me. It's so annoying wanting to be a friend and no one really understanding what that means for you. All friends should respect the other's views, feeling and spirit. My spirit is very sensitive and I can not be around all types of people. I will become literally sick being around... Continue Reading →

Trying to Heal

I can remember the first time I was raped by a boyfriend. That's when I developed a love and hate relationship with sex. This wasn't like the time my crazy ex made me have sex with him in drive way because when we were young I said I would have his baby. No this was... Continue Reading →

Staying in the fight

Life is so all over the place. I feel personally attacked as a woman, a wife, and a mother. I feel like this is best time in my life oddly enough. I feel like I am being made strong and receiving the reassurance I need. I have never in my life felt so good about... Continue Reading →

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