Not Traditional

I love being married to Brodrick Walker. I always wanted to be married but I never really planned being a wife. I know that makes no sense. I honestly don't even see myself as marriage material. I do the things that people think a wife is suppose to do but not because i'm a wife.... Continue Reading →

Dragon Lady

Confession: I am to much human. I want everyone to be happy and everything to be perfect. Omg, I exhaust myself. This is where my moodiness comes creeping in. I'm super tired, then my toddler is crying because the show he was watching went to commercial. If not that my oldest didn't pick up the... Continue Reading →

Family woman

She cooks she cleans she works and makes sure everyone is good. She eats last and barely sleeps. She tired sometimes shes angry, but mostly shes just grateful. She feels such joy waking up in the morning. There is nothing she wants more then a loving family that can't imagine life without her.  

find you…

If you get lost, don't yell until someone comes. Start walking and paying attention to the details. Look at the sky and find the light, observe the brightness. Listen to your inner voice and go the direction you feel. Be patient and take your time, you don't want to panic and get to tired to go... Continue Reading →

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