Do you really understand how to be happy? How to be free? You can not pretend lying to him is fun.  Secretly you know everything could be ruined in one conversation.  Deleting all those messages can't give you joy, although you smile while you press delete.  Let's not even think about the kids. Have you... Continue Reading →

I don't always feel you But I'm sure you're there I can't always hear you But I'm quiet just in case Lord I'm aware that you are present I'm aware that you see me So I want you to be impressed By the life I live even when you don't Tend to my needs right... Continue Reading →


Just listen.  Just breathe.  Just laugh.  Just smile.  Just go. Just stay. Just be.  Just forget.  Just forgive.  Just LOVE.

I was looking for love…

I was looking for love at the age of 12. Everybody was out having fun, skipping class.  I was in the front of the class learning and and try and trying to retain my math. I was looking for love at the age of 13.  Everyone had boyfriends, looking cute and holding hands.  Mean while... Continue Reading →

It’s Not You It’s Me…

I can't just be your friend. I can't just be your friend and ignore those dumb ass decisions. I can't just be your friend and not hurt when you're sad. I can't just be your friend and not cheer you up. I can't just be your friend you not wanna slap the guy that broke... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I need…

Sometimes I need you more than usual. Sometimes I want to ball up and lay right under you. Sometimes I need to be hugged tight for minutes at a time. Sometimes I need I need a forehead kiss. Sometimes I need to go sit in the park alone. Sometimes I need to dance with my... Continue Reading →

I Used To Know Her: Part 2

Who's listened to H.E.R.  I used to know her: Part 2? You don't know what it did for my soul. A mix of Sade and Jazmine Sullivan. The Lyrics. The beats. I danced. With my hands in the air danced. I felt inspired. I felt alive. I thank H.E.R.    

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