I cover you in prayers. I cover you in kisses. I cover you in love. I prayed many nights for you. I cried many nights for you. I lusted many nights for you. I can not get over you. I'm  the other half of you.

You thought you knew at the time I thought I knew me  turns out... you ain't my type  I don't like the way you look  definitely not the way you feel  when I think of you I start to itch   So bye-bye ugly blue sweater. 

Be a Star

I'm a star but not according to you you don't look in my mirror  It's all kinds of lit  No extra stuff to spice it up  just me being me  My spirit is feeling up all the empty space I'm behind the door in the back of the room  looking directly at you  You don't... Continue Reading →


i am grateful for the wind and the sun light the moon and the stars the birds  and the bees the plants and the trees the dirt  and the grass the warmth  and the cold air  i am grateful for nature the one who heals   and eventually calls us home.  Sprinkle me over the earth  when... Continue Reading →

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