3 things to do when you hit rock bottom…

Sometimes life hits us hard out of no where. Our lives can literally change in a matter of seconds. What do we do when we find ourselves at the bottom? When there is no one to call on and we’ve done everything we could possibly think of?

Well for starters, PRAY!

Many of us don’t take prayer for what it really is. An intimate conversation between you and the all powerful, all knowing. If done with your heart in the right place you are guaranteed an answer. An answer, maybe not the one you except or want but the one that is needed. God is so much bigger than our minds, he can take us places we can’t imagine.

The next thing you do is WORK.

What are the steps you need to take to get yourself closer to the top? I mean the smallest of steps you can take, because there is never a time where nothing can be done. Talking to someone, shifting your focus on the positive, not gossiping. Whatever it is we have to be willing to do work after we don’t have anything left, because this is more than that. We’ve done what we wanted and ended up here, now we need to do the hard things. The things God has been calling us to do.

The last thing, WAITING

Waiting is no sitting around doing nothing, it’s getting the little things done. We do what we can control. So stay focused, share your story, be positive, whatever you feel like you are lead to do. If you are busy at work pleasing God with your life, God is working on your behalf. Wait, because he sees us and now that we see him it’s all about to change.

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