Who Else Wants to Fight a 3 Year Old?

Who Else Wants to Fight a 3 Year Old?

I don’t like my 3 year old. I mean I love him to life, but OMG I want fight him everyday. What makes 3 years old so hard? He literally argues about everything. I’,m not sweet, I’m smart. I’m not 3 I’m 43, that wasn’t me that was bro bro. Can you ever just agree or do what I say without me having to yell it 5 times? I feel like he is taunting me and challenging this whole gentle parent thing, which i’m pretty sure I do wrong anyways. I mean how many of them yell and say bad words? We were at the doctors office and he was crying non-stop. First he wanted to play with a service dog, and I explained that he could not do that. Then he wanted to go up the elevator and I told afterwards we could go, but that wasn’t good enough. It was a full 30 minutes of people staring at me and him throwing a fit. The lady that finally called us up, said you have so much patience. (what she was really saying in her eyes was why are not just leaving) I get it. I want to explain to everyone in the room that me leaving is only teaching him he gets to leave a place if he throws a fit. So I’m suppose to try in the house with me 3 year old until he can accept the word no? I think no. I know they don’t want me to spank him? So someone can jump up and say that’s abuse, he’s only a child. No, they want what I want. They want my child to be 3 and hear the word and accept it and move on. Well guess what 3 year old’s are not so good at that, and he’s learning. That behavior being age appropriate does not make me like him tho. HA! He frustrates me like no other. It’s also because when he does get over it he actually apologizes and shows me love. -It’s adorable. Acknowledgement, that he knew he was wrong the entire time. UGH

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