Authoritarian and Authoritative Parenting

Authoritarian and Authoritative Parenting

How you parent is so important to discuss because your partner may not agree or feel comfortable with your style. Me and my husband are totally different. This could be a major problem if we did not communicate and compromise well. I am always thinking about how they feel and want them to know their feelings matter, on the other hand my husband does not see the need to explain himself. I totally get that because how I grew up no adult was explaining anything, you just do what you are told. Sometimes he has to step in because my explaining why rules are rules and such seem like arguing with a child. I understand that it is not and they don’t mean to talk back but it gets frustrating. I think it’s a good balance of listen to your parents because they love you and hurry up and do what you are told. Some situations I allow him to handle and others I take control. We both know our boundaries so worse don’t step on each others toes. How ever you parent be mindful that you are helping to form who your children will become and how they parent themselves. Also respect your partner by being understanding and talking about behaviors that are healthy and those you feel like are not. What are you and your partners parenting styles? Do they work well together? Can you make them work?

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