Death is…

Death is…

Death is not something I speak on often. I hurt for individuals that lose their loves ones. I don’t understand death the way some others do. To me it’s not a punishment or reward. We are literally all here for a short time and we have to make the best of it. There is no way I can think about me losing a love one and not feel sadness. I feel like we are not ready for death, even when we see it coming. Death is not about us and should not stop our lives on earth. I know how dead you can feel on the inside when you feel like a part of you died, but I am too a part of you. So when I hurt do you feel it? We are connected not simply those that we had in our lives but to everyone. Death of one person can bring about a change in many others. Death, as weird as it sounds can be inspiring. Maybe someone who passed away encouraged you to write the book you had in mind, but you were afraid. With them being gone does it not feel like you should stop wasting your time. Maybe, just maybe the person you lost was only put here to spark something in you. I love all the individuals placed in my life, but I have no say so in how long they get to stay. I will give my love the best way I know how and except theirs. My heart goes out to all those hurting because no one love is the same. Love freely. Love daily. Love amazingly.

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