Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation

First off... Shout out to Oprah who has been boss for so long. I Love you Oprah. ( i mean now that I know better) I listen to Oprah's podcast because she always on some deep spiritual stuff. This morning some guy and this wife were on talking about how they became spiritual partners and... Continue Reading →

He heard that.

Rabbit (my 3 year old) always catch me off guard. This morning we got a late start and ended up in traffic. I took a few exits before ours and went down some back streets. He looks up and says mom how did we get out of that traffic jam. I don't ever say that,... Continue Reading →


Rabbit is my 3 year old. He's a real sweetie but a butthole at the same time. He loves his mama, and his Nini and his special rock and his dog, anybody or anything he's ever come in contact with. Anywho! This morning he was not feeling it. He cried at the front door and... Continue Reading →

11 year olds

Why does my 11 year old make everything difficult? The boy is smart and he plays instruments, learned in the first grade. Always makes A's and B's, but then has trouble bringing me a glass of water. First of all he can't find a cup, ( The dish washer is running) and then it's hard... Continue Reading →

I did it.

I did a poetry reading last night for the first time. It was so much fun. I loved that people listened and even snapped for me. I was finally saying something I felt out loud. I've written poetry since I was a little girl and I am so glad I got share. Everyone was great... Continue Reading →


I don't like me on Camera but I've wanted to do it for a while. This last year was eye opening and I built my confidence by 80 percent. (just made that up) After doing a webinar with Janell B. Steward I feel ready. I don't care to make money from it, I just want to... Continue Reading →

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